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Institute of Quality and Productivity Management (IQPM)

The above institute was formally inaugurated under the aegis of the Sri Lanka Society for Quality Control (SLSQC) at the Professional Centre of the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) on 22 May 2015 in coincidence with its Annual General Meeting. All the members of the SLSQC were admitted to the Institute of Quality and Productivity Management. 

The SLSQC was established in 1974, with Mr Mallory Wijesinghe, then Chairman of Ceylon Cold Stores as the President.  It became a member of the OPA in 1977 and still continues to be so.

When it was established in 1971, the main objective of the SLSQC was to promote quality control in the industry, a tool that was used only by few companies in Sri Lanka to provide an assurance of the quality of their products to the customers. It was difficult to do so at that time within a controlled economy with heavy restrictions on imports. Quality management, a relatively unknown concept of management at that time, and productivity management which is correlated to quality management are vitally needed for the growth of the industry under the present open economy and the IQPM was established in keeping with this present day need. 

IQPM has members who are experts in various fields of activity related to quality and productivity management. It proposes to launch an ambitious programme of work to be implemented with the objective of motivating and assisting the industry to enhance productivity and ensure quality of products and services through effective management. For this purpose, six clusters have been formed under its purview, namely: the clusters for strategic planning, administration and policy, external affairs, educational activities, membership matters and special projects.  Particular focus will be on the following areas of activity- Improving the quality of life, Application of statistics in the industry for continual improvement of quality, Effective use of ISO management systems to enhance productivity and Effective quality management in social and educational services. 

The training programmes on quality management initiated last year by the SLSQC for the benefit of those who wish to advance their career in the field of quality management will be continued. Tailor made courses will be offered to other professional organizations to supplement their CPD (Continual Professional Development) programmes since quality and productivity are important areas in any professional development activity.

The Institute also wishes to be of assistance to any corporate agency to improve and make effective use of their quality management systems. It intends to work with the cooperation of public and private sector organizations. The IQPM invites those companies and institutions interested in promoting quality and productivity development to join the IQPM as Corporate members.