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 Available services at IQPM

1.       Educational

a.       English Language

IQPM has developed High Quality English Language Training Programs exclusively designed for the following categories to improve Listening, Reading, Writing and Speech. The courses have been designed by one of the Foreign Language Teaching educationist attached to the National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka. The first three categories start with simple communication skills and at the completion of the third program the participants will be able to communicate in any of the four modes at any forum be it National or International. The last level has been designed for academics who wish to continue their post graduate (PhD) education or academic training at Local or Foreign institutes.

Candidates will be selected based on an evaluation test and place at the appropriate level based on their performance at the test.

                                                               i.      English for Supervisors and Junior executives

                                                             ii.      English for Executives and Managers

                                                            iii.      English for Senior managers and above

                                                           iv.      English for academics

2.       Quality and Productivity Enhancement

a.       Basic Quality and Productivity Enhancement Techniques

IQPM conducts the following in-house training programs help enhancing product and quality development

                                                               i.      5S

                                                             ii.      Quality Tools

                                                            iii.      Kaizen

                                                           iv.      Quality Circles

b.      Advance Strategic  Quality & Productivity Development Programs

                                                               i.      Statistical Techniques

                                                             ii.      6 Sigma

                                                            iii.      HoshinKanri

                                                           iv.      ISO 9000 based Management by Objectives (MBO) – Strategic Planning

3.       Auxiliary Programs for Enhancing Quality and Productivity Improving

a.       Innovative Problem Solving Techniques

                                                               i.      Breakthrough Thinking

                                                             ii.      Non Ordinary Problem Solving

                                                            iii.      Higher Order Thinking

b.      Human Resource development Programs

                                                               i.      Motivation

                                                             ii.      Team Building

                                                            iii.      Leadership

                                                           iv.      Relaxation through Meditation and Music

c.       Ethics and Attitude Development

                                                               i.       Controlling emotions and office sex

                                                             ii.      Psychoactive Environment

                                                            iii.      Aesthetics for Stress Control

d.      Management Systems

                                                               i.      ISO 9001 QMS

                                                             ii.      ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards

                                                            iii.      ISO 14000 EMS

e.      Training Programs for Managers and Executives

                                                               i.      Certificate Course for Senior Managers

                                                             ii.      Certificate Course in Work Study

                                                            iii.      Certificate Course in Industrial Engineering

                                                           iv.      Diploma in Quality and Productivity

f.        Training Programs for Top management

Corporate Planning and Budgeting

4.       Quality and Productivity Enhancing Programs for Organizations

a.       Consultancy Services on

                                                               i.      Establishing ISO 9000 QMS

                                                             ii.      Establishing ISO 14000 EMS

                                                            iii.      Establishing ISO 22000 FSS

b.      System Audits (Internal Audits)

                                                               i.      Establishing ISO 9000 QMS

                                                             ii.      Establishing ISO 14000 EMS

                                                            iii.      Establishing ISO 22000 FSS